Street Fighter 6 in June

Capcom announces June 2nd is the launch date for Street Fighter 6, confirming the recent rumor to that effect. A new Pre-Order Trailer shows off the game and the opportunity to pay for it right now. Here's a bit on the fighting sequel:
Next up, we shared new details on the all-new World Tour mode. Visit exciting locations like a beach in Jamaica, an arena in Italy, a festival in France, and more as you travel around the world learning Special Moves from Masters. You can even mix and match Special Moves from different Masters meaning that your avatar can throw out a Hadoken or Sonic Boom, perform a Spinning Bird Kick, and execute a Yoga Flame, all in the same match as long as they’re using different inputs. World Tour also introduces Master Assist, allowing players to fight alongside a Master like Ryu by calling upon them in battle to help for a period of time, a useful tool for when you encounter more than one opponent. Lastly, play your heart out with minigames like karate-chopping bottles, enjoying Italian cuisine, parrying basketballs, and more. Minigames are playable in between matches in the form of part-time jobs where you can earn World Tour mode currency to purchase in-game clothing, food, and more.