NecroBouncer Bounces Out

NecroBouncer is now available for Windows and macOS on* and Steam, offering a roguelike adventure set in a nightclub dungeon. There's also a free NecroBouncer: Prologue on Steam for us to sample. As the title implies, you are here to bounce the rowdies, using your necromancy powers along the way. Feel free to shout "you're dead to me" as you toss them. Here's the launch trailer and here's more:
As an old-school hack and slash title with modern sensibilities, NecroBouncer was designed with Twitch integration in mind. Followers and friends can spawn minions to support or undermine their favorite streamers during a broadcast. Help the NecroBouncer reap the rewards of a good asswhooping… or watch him get shaken and stirred by the crowd all night long.
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