Get Saints Row IV Re-Elected and Wildcat Gun Machine for Free

It's Thursday, aka Snagday, as this week's freebies are now available for the having on the Epic Games Store. The new giveaways are Saints Row IV Re-Elected and Wildcat Gun Machine, and either or both are yours to keep if you act quickly. The offer ends next Thursday, and Epic is showing "mystery game" as the new gift that will be offered at that time. The story has a history of daily mystery giveaways in the run-up to the holidays, and it seems reasonable to expect this will kick off a week from today. Here's the pitch on today's presents:
You're the President now! The Saints have gone from the Penthouse to the White House - but Earth has been invaded and it’s up to you to save it with an arsenal of superpowers and strange weapons, in the wildest open world game ever.

Wildcat Gun Machine is an explosion roller coaster ride! Enter a bullet hell dungeon crawler where you take on hordes of disgusting flesh beasts with a wide variety of guns, giant mech robots, and cute kittens.