Zombie Cure Lab Early Access

Early Access is now underway on Steam for Zombie Cure Lab, a Windows strategy/simulation from Thera Bytes and Aerosoft. This sandbox game will be perfect for those who view a zombie outbreak as a job opportunity. Are you Legend? Check out the Official Release Trailer to see if you have what it takes. Here's more on this effort at avoiding becoming fast food for the encroaching horde:
Brain munching zombies rule the world. After years of research brave scientists have finally found an antidote that reverses the zombification progress, creating zombie-human hybrids. Find the final cure for humanity and build the perfect zombie curing facility.

Construct walls and fences to provide shelter for your scientists. Set up efficient production lines to keep the treatment running and match the growing needs of your lab.

Gather resources, set day and night shifts and manage four different worker types. Prioritize and assign jobs within your lab to maximize efficiency. Keep to power running in your lab and anticipate your worker's behavior to prevent possible outbursts of the virus in you facilities.