Ubisoft Launches Fair Play Program

A post from Ubisoft explains its new Fair Play Program a new "platform" on Ubisoft Connect "designed to raise awareness on disruptive behaviors in the gaming community, help players recognize their own triggers, and how they can better understand the roots of those behaviors to overcome them." As that states, the idea is to educate players about how disruptive toxic behavior can be in multiplayer games, and how to recognize their own toxicity. There's a presumption that players are not aware of their own negative behavior, and it would be interesting to learn if that is accurate. Word is:
The modules are intended to help players understand situations that cause negative behaviors, the behaviors themselves, and the impact they have on other players. The Fair Play Program is designed to teach by example, rather than give an exact definition of toxic behaviors with no room for nuance. The videos will show instances of disruptive behavior that will help players think differently about their own interactions while playing, as well as tools players can use if they are exposed to disruptive behaviors.