Dwarf Fortress on Steam

Dwarf Fortress is now officially available on Steam, offering a new version of this intense survival simulation. The game has been in development for 20 years, and an alpha version launched in 2006. It famously featured ASCII graphics, but has now been updated with new artwork that uses these things called "pixels." The new look, which is still not what you'd call graphically intensive, can be seen in the Launch Trailer. Here's an explanation:
This new version brings a brand new pixel art tileset, a new helpful tutorial to onboard unfamiliar players, new soundtrack and sound effects, new user interface and navigable menus, and other quality of life additions to the legendary civilization management and construction game.

The game will launch with the Fortress and Legends game modes that longtime players are familiar with. We plan to add the Adventure and Arena modes to these versions of Dwarf Fortress very soon.

You can learn more and see Dwarf Fortress’ development roadmap here.