Isonzo Gets Free Caporetto Expansion

A new Caporetto expansion is now available on all platforms for Isonzo, the World War I first-person shooter from M2H and BlackMill Games. For PC gamers, the Windows and Linux edition is available on Steam and the Windows edition is available on the Epic Games Store. Check out this trailer for a look at what this adds, and read on for more:
The Caporetto update brings the first map in a new Offensive - Isonzo’s signature game mode, where players fight through multiple different maps to determine who wins or loses the overall Offensive. The German Offensive will have three maps, focused on the momentous Twelfth Battle of the Isonzo, also known as the Battle of Caporetto. Historically this was a disaster for the Italians, as a combined German and Austro-Hungarian attack broke through Italian lines and forced them to retreat more than 100 kilometers.

Caporetto is the titular map in the Caporetto season of free updates, with two more to follow later. It’s set on a rainy autumn day, with German attackers attempting to break through a small town and storm increasingly steep hillside positions as they aim to conquer the strategically important peak of Hill 1114. The Italian defenders must use ruined buildings and multiple lines of trenches and bunkers to try and delay the attack long enough for it to lose momentum.