Charlie Chaplin Game Plans

CBC News reports Montreal-based game studio B Df'rent Games has secured the rights to make a video game based on the life of pioneering film star Charlie Chaplin. The article describes the negotiations with the rights-holders to ensure that this will contain no violence, sexism, or racism. Those discussions spanned five years, but word is a first game based on this deal could come as early as 2023. Many of the Little Tramp's films focused on social inequality, and company founder Robert Young explains this is a theme the game will explore as well:
Although the concept of the Chaplin video game is still in development, the themes around the game could centre on the challenges between the poor and rich, says Chancey.

He says it's exciting to be able to design a game with a character as iconic as Chaplin.

"Working on an intellectual property that has been known for over 100 years and in all of the countries in the world … It's definitely a challenge and one that we feel comfortable rising up to," said Chancey.

People could see this game in store as early as 2023, says Young, but the team will be paying careful attention to detail, just as Chaplin did — as a comedian, actor and director.