Battlefield 2042 Free Weekend Underway

Steam News announces that free access to Battlefield 2042 is now underway, and anyone with a Steam account can check out the futuristic first-person shooter for free between now and Monday. The game is on sale, and there are login rewards even for free players:
Deploy in December and see what new, great content Season 3 - Escalation brings to the table. Also, fight on over 15 maps, including 4 reworked battlefields from Battlefield 2042.

Find your playstyle with over 100 weapons and gadgets and pilot over 40 powerful vehicles. Pick your favorite out of 13 Specialists and make the most of their Traits and Specialties across 6 game modes. Want to change the rules of war? Explore the Battlefield Portal Builder and use our tools with your rules.

Oh, and there are login rewards waiting for those joining the Free Access period, as well as for Battlefield 2042 owners!