Tropico 6 – New Frontiers Released

New Frontiers is now available as the latest DLC for Tropico 6, the island dictator simulation. It's hard to find new frontiers on an island nation, which is why El Presidente is turning his gaze towards the stars. So the island of Tropico is joining the space race, which puts you in competition with all the other narcissistic megalomaniacs of our time. This is available for PC and consoles, with the Windows edition offered on the Epic Games Store,*, and Steam. Here's the Release Trailer with a look, and here's more:
In Tropico 6 – New Frontiers, players are tasked with ensuring Tropico stays ahead of the international competition. It’s a wide world out there and El Prez is taking his persuasion tactics to galactic heights. With the new Space Port Complex, players will embark on launching Tropico into a glorious new future as they construct rockets and delve into research. Take on the Space Race, walk on the Moon and establish the first Mars colony of humankind with the all-new Mission Mars campaign. New characters, buildings, and edicts open countless possibilities to make more money, keep your citizens happy and improve upon that Tropican perfection. You can even customize a fresh look for El Prez and his palace which is out of this world. But be warned, even with a stellar plan there is no greater risk than space exploration, and who knows what unforeseen circumstances await. You’ll need to be creative if you want to claim glory for Tropico.
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