PC Hello Engineer Next Year

tinyBuild Riga announces the PC edition of Hello Engineer will launch early next year on Steam, exposing a wider audience to the Stadia-exclusive installment in the creepy neighbor game series. On a related note, Early Access is now underway for those who pre-ordered the Deluxe Edition of Hello Neighbor 2. Back to Hello Engineer, a new trailer celebrates the news with a look at the MacGyvering in the game. Here's word:
Put your engineering skills to the test in Hello Engineer, a multiplayer construction puzzle game set in the twisted cartoon world of Hello Neighbor. Collect parts and gadgets to assemble into strange custom-made vehicles as you tackle a 20+ mission campaign alone or with friends.

Want to just let your imagination run wild? Step into the Sandbox mode and build freely, with access to every construction part in the game in unlimited quantities. The sandbox also holds several optional construction challenges, and perhaps even a few secrets to be uncovered. It wouldn't be Raven Brooks without a few surprises!

Hello Engineer takes place in the seemingly abandoned Raven Brooks amusement park, lair of the infamous and unhinged Mr. Peterson! Something deeply strange is happening here, and the Raven Brooks Inventors Club (a gang of overly curious local youths) are here to investigate, and it'll take every bit of their ingenuity to escape in one piece.