HITMAN 3 Roadmap; Freelancer Next Month

IO Interactive reveals the Winter Roadmap for HITMAN 3, the assassination for hire sequel. This launches the Holiday Horders event that includes a Santa 47 suit unlock. This is permanent for owners, and will be free for Starter Pack players for the next five days. Down the road plans include next week's new Elusive Target, and more to follow, including a Holiday Special, a Snow Special in January, and more. This also states January 26th is when to expect the launch of the roguelike Freelancer update. Here's the Winter Roadmap Video and here's the big picture:
December has arrived and we’ve prepared a traditional bumper roadmap with two months worth of content for HITMAN 3 players to unwrap and enjoy. Both December and January are packed into this special edition for the holiday period – and there are some new, festive-themed unlocks on the way too!

Starting with a new challenge and unlock today to kick-start the month, through to the release of HITMAN 3 Freelancer on January 26, there’s plenty to be excited about. Let’s take a closer look at what’s to come this Winter in HITMAN 3.