22 Racing Series | RTS-Racing Released

GOATi Entertainment has released 22 Racing Series | RTS-Racing into Early Access for Windows on Steam. As the name suggests, this adds real-time strategy elements to the racing genre. This results in a game described as "Gran Turismo meets Wipeout, meets Starcraft, meets Monopoly." In case that doesn't immediately conjure an image, here's the Release Trailer with a look at gameplay. Here's word on the game, explaining that all this high-speed racing is somehow a response to climate change:
As the world hovers on the brink of total climate collapse a century in the future, daredevils, speed freaks, and adrenaline addicts turn to a virtual future physics racing (FPR) sphere for sport and entertainment accessible to all.

Leave the shackles of peril behind as vehicles tear and speed through twisted tracks based on real locations from around the world. Master traditional racing modes like Time Trials, Circuit Racing, Elimination Rounds, and Point-to-Point Racing. Expand horizons in modern multiplayer-inspired modes like Sector Captor, a vehicular spin on capture the flag, and the massive Race Royale featuring 100 to 1000 players.