Mahokenshi in January

Game Source Studio and Iceberg Interactive announce Mahokenshi will arrive on Steam on January 24th, offering strategic deckbuilding gameplay that puts you in the role of a samurai mage in a demon-infested environment. This is about a year later than was expected when the game was first announced. A new teaser trailer reveals the date and shows off the game in action. Here's more:
Traverse a vast array of vibrant 3D maps. Immerse yourself in the magical Japanese atmosphere, where the Mahokenshis are the only hope against the corrupt forces. You will face many threats throughout your journey, but, isn’t it all about honor? You bet it is. Find remote locations, uncover treasures, and leverage the strengths of the 4 samurai houses to create powerful combos.

Meet the different people of the Celestial Islands, save villages, discover shrines and defeat deadly demons. See your battles brought to life with fully animated characters. Perform magical maneuvers, fiery attacks, strong defensive moves, and swift counterattacks on your way to bringing back peace to the Islands.