Victoria 3 Sells a Half-Million

Paradox Interactive is declaring Victoria 3 a success, announcing the society simulator tallied more than a half-million sales in 30 days following its launch. This includes a bunch of statistics highlighting just how much time players have spent in the game:
Over the last month, Victoria 3 players have transformed their globe in many different ways. They have:

  • 500,000 Copies sold with 14623631 total hours played. (That’s 1669 years of playtime)
  • 187 million technologies researched
  • Created new countries 380335 times.
  • Built 126263 Suez Canals
  • Built 39982 Eiffel Towers
  • Unified Germany 98082 times
  • Constructed the Trans-Siberian Railway 18471 times
  • Constructed the Trans-Continental Railway 45614 times
  • Turned Prussia Yellow on the Map 83 times