Two Point Campus Space Academy Launches Next Week

Sega and Two Point Studios announce Space Academy, new DLC coming to Two Point Campus, offering the chance to educate the next generation of space cadets in this school of higher than a kite education. This will arrive for Windows, macOS, Linux, and consoles on December 6th except for the Switch edition, which will launch on December 12th. Here's the Announce Trailer with a captain's log, and here's more:
Space Academy comes with a galaxy of new features, including three stellar campus locations, six student archetypes to welcome aboard, six far-out courses and classrooms, and much, much more.

Players will start their extra-terrestrial adventures in Universe City, as they rebuild Two Point County’s defunct space program to bring it back to its former glory and will need your help on the frontlines of galactic defence, inter-dimensional diplomacy, and preparing the County for foreign life. Space Academy also features Two Point's first out-of-County campus, as you take up base on a suspiciously cheesy asteroid, and pillage it of its natural (and delicious) resources.