Portal RTX Next Week

NVIDIA reveals details about Portal RTX, the recently announced version of Valve's classic puzzle game with support for advanced graphics features, including full ray tracing and NVIDIA DLSS 3. This is now slated to arrive on Steam on December 8th, and will be offered as free DLC for all owners of the original game (which is still on sale for $0.99 for another hot minute or two). There will be a launch party to mark the occasion, and presumably there will be cake. This will include the chance to win some hardware to crush this with, as there will be GeForce 40-series giveaways along the way. This page has all the news on the game and the party as well as system specifications. Here's the previously released World Premiere Trailer and here's a new trailer showing the game in 4K with NVIDIA DLSS 3 enabled and disabled. Here's more on the project:
Every frame of gameplay is upgraded with stunning full ray tracing, new, hand-crafted hi-res physically-based textures, and new, enhanced high-poly models evocative of the originals.

To achieve the stunning new look, Portal with RTX utilizes a suite of demanding graphics techniques that are accelerated by NVIDIA DLSS technology. DLSS 3 allows 40 Series GPU users to get over a 2.8X increase in performance, making the game incredibly smooth and responsive compared to native rendering, while 30 series GPU users will benefit from DLSS 2, bringing the game to a playable experience.