Oddballers in January

Here's one more from Ubisoft, as it has announced a January 26th release date for Oddballers, the multiplayer party game for PC and consoles. Right before it was to be launched in March, it was announced the game was delayed indefinitely. Here are more details on this dodge ball game where you can hurl anything at your opponents, presumably including the occasional odd ball:
A new type of dodgeball game, players in Oddballers can throw anything and everything at their opponents to win - the more absurd, the better. With many different arenas, a variety of mini-games, and perilous environments that include electric fences, explosive gas tanks, and tennis ball launchers, OddBallers provides a fresh experience with every match.

Up to six players can compete locally on the Switch, and up to four players on other platforms. For long-distance competitions, dodgeballers can also play OddBallers online, taking on opponents around the world. Each match also comes with customizable accessibility features, allowing players to adjust match length and difficulty. Players can also customize their avatar, celebratory dance moves, and choose which mini-game to play thanks to OddBaller's custom mode.