Northgard North of 3M Players

Shiro Games announces a double celebration. While the French developer marks its 10th anniversary, it also reveals Northgard has surpassed three million players since launching in March of 2018. A new trailer celebrates this milestone for the Viking strategy game. Here's word:
Shiro Games is thrilled to announce that Northgard, the acclaimed Viking strategy game has reached 3 million players since its original launch in 2018. The studio has kept adding new content to the game since its release, lately with the Clan of the Eagle, now offering 15 clans to choose from, multiplayer options, and varying difficulty levels to suit any play style. More content is coming soon, to grant more challenge and novelty to historic and new players.

Alongside this huge accomplishment, the French indie studio also celebrates its 10 years anniversary this month. Based in Bordeaux, the video game developer and publisher recently welcomed 10 new hires, bringing the total number of employees to 60. The company has been growing strongly, supported by the historic success of Evoland and Northgard and the recent launches of Dune: Spice Wars and Wartales in Early Access, both garnering critical and public acclaim.