HELLCARD Announced

HELLCARD is a co-op roguelike deckbuilder in development at Thing Trunk for release next year on Steam. This shares a setting with Book of Demons, and will be published by Bill Wang and David Brevik's Skystone Games. Here's a Teaser Trailer with a gander at what to expect. Here's the deal:
What makes HELLCARD unique and different from other card games? In the battles, monster placement actually matters and can be used to your advantage if you’re up to the strategic challenge. Your team of heroes has its own strengths and weaknesses, each with an ever-growing deck of abilities and equipment to use on the battlefield. It will take the hardiest of champions to withstand the evil hordes and defeat the Archdemon.

HELLCARD supports co-op battles with up to three heroes facing Archdemon’s hordes. In single-player mode, you can descend into the dungeons solo or recruit computer-controlled companions. In multiplayer mode, your friends or strangers can help you battle the hordes of hell.