Bullet Runner Prologue

Steam is now offering access to the Bullet Runner Prologue, a sample of Bullet Runner, a run and gun action/adventure that's coming next year. You can get in on the prologue by availing yourself of the requesting access button. This post has the Official Trailer showing off your rage-induced rampage, described as "what Doom Eternal would be if Bethesda would be into Twin Stick Shooters." Here's more:
Bullet Runner is like pure adrenaline poured into your brain and veins, just like the good ol’ days with Doom and Quake. You are Jack, and for some reason everyone wants you dead. Buller Runner is a top-down shooter where you run your way through the enemy-filled facility shooting, blasting, and raging through any obstacle set in your way.

“My love for DOOM Eternal is very strong, and I wanted to create my own kind of homage to the Doom series. Fighting and especially the glory kill mechanisms will be familiar for all like minded players, but in Bullet Runner the main character is just a regular badass-Jack'' tells Laura Moon, the developer behind the game.

The game is set to be released in late 2023 with well over 10 hours of gameplay, but the developer prepared a special free prologue to be released already in November 2022. The prologue will feature a lot of game to play – it will take about 3—4 hours for an average player to slay through the game. It is clear this prologue is not a demo, but a full game with specifically designed levels.