Out of the Blue

Happy birthday to me, as today marks the completion of another orbit around good old Sol. To follow up about my phone, I had a normal charge cycle yesterday, so not needing to replace it can be my present from the universe. That's a double-edged gift, as it comes with the reminder that my phone "problem" was me just not paying enough attention to its battery level, perhaps due to my advancing years. The universe can be a dick like that sometimes. But my non-problem led to a few recommendations for apps to help manage a phone's charging, so there's another gift. Thanks to all who offered help. Anyway, as I've mentioned in the past, I like my birthdays quiet. This being Thanksgiving week in the U.S. will help with that. Another gift! Quite the haul this year.

Obituary: Nicki Aycox Dies: ‘Supernatural’ Actor Was 47.

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