NCSoft's Trailblazer Project Revealed

NCSoft reveals Trailblazer Project <LLL> is one of the upcoming projects it has been teasing. Saying the game is in early development, this is described as a "unique blend of third-person shooter and MMO." Uniqueness is a rare quality in video games, so this offers a gameplay trailer and a DevTalks trailer where the team discusses the game (English subtitles are available). Likewise, the reveal article includes a Q&A translated into English as well. Here's a bit on the plan:
The world of 〈LLL〉 is a vast open world in which more than 30km of land area is seamlessly connected to a single environment. The core elements that make up the open world are uninterrupted loading and movement. To convey a seamless environment, we implemented content streaming and utilized the most cutting-edge rendering technology. Content production methods are also being reorganized.

We also introduced a procedural creation method to provide content that reacts appropriately to the player’s situation instead of playing preset content on repeat within the open world environment. We are also thinking about a tool that can reflect this procedural creation method in content production while also researching processes that allow for content to be produced automatically.