Out of the Blue

The special logo now gracing our masthead in our desktop view is for SiN, the first-person shooter released by Ritual Entertainment in 1998. I set up a spreadsheet with our collection of logos and added release dates from Wikipedia to help remember anniversaries. Based on the SiN article on the Wiki I entered November 9th as its release date. Back in those days games were sold in these things we called stores, and press releases did not generally accompany launches. But it's clear from our news archive that SiN hit North American shelves well before the ninth. It looks like it was as early as November 3rd, and it was clearly widely available by the fourth. Anyway, I was determined to commemorate the game's anniversary today, so it's just off by a few days. SiN was an extremely fun game that advanced the shooter genre at the time. It even had a Blue's News Easter egg! It feels like it ended up being overshadowed by Half-Life, which, speaking of anniversaries, went "gold" on this date in 1998. As always, hats off to Walter "2" Costinak for the specialized logo, and thank you to Scott for fixing it for our current format.

Obituary: Synth pioneer Don Lewis has died at 81.

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