Kerbal Space Program 2 Early Access in February

Private Division and Intercept Games announce a February 24, 2023 Early Access date for Kerbal Space Program 2. When the highly anticipated rocket science game was delayed earlier this year the rescheduled launch was set for early 2023, so this makes good on that. Here's word on Early Access:
Private Division and Intercept Games today announced that Kerbal Space Program 2, the sequel to the beloved rocket building sim, will launch in Early Access on February 24, 2023 for PC on Steam, Epic Game Store, and other storefronts. Kerbal Space Program 2 will bring an array of content at the launch of Early Access for players to explore, including hundreds of new and improved parts to build a variety of vehicles and rockets; time warp under acceleration allowing for improved long-distance flights; and vastly superior graphics featuring a planetary atmosphere and terrain system to make this the most visually impressive KSP game yet! The game will also feature improved tutorials and user onboarding to provide players with the necessary knowledge to excel at space flight. Those that purchase Kerbal Space Program 2 in Early Access will help inform the future development of the game by providing feedback directly to its creators leading up to the full launch of the title.