Chasm: The Rift Released

Chasm: The Rift is now available on Steam and*, offering a boomer shooter that's appropriate to today's anniversary of DOOM II. This can be seen in the previously released Official Announcement Trailer. Chasm comes by its retro gameplay honestly, as it's a remake of a game first released in 1997 by Ukrainian developer Action Forms. Word is: "This fully reconstructed remaster delivers enhanced graphics with full 4K and widescreen support, improved sound design, and controller support to the classic 1997 title, as well as the original Chasm: The Rift version powered by DOSBox included as a bonus." Here's more:
In Chasm: The Rift, players take on the role of a soldier in a special commando unit who defends planet Earth from “Timestrikers”, monstrous mutants invading Earth throughout history, and also destroy time channels to finally rid Earth of their threat. One against the horde, players will rely solely on their reflexes and the many weapons at their disposal to find their way through labyrinthine levels populated by fearsome creatures.

Along with a heart-pounding adventure through the Corridors of Time and the satisfaction of ripping limbs from hideous monsters with the iconic BladeGun, and an innovative weather system, old-school FPS fans (or boomer shooter lovers) are now able to enjoy this late 90’s FPS classic with the comfort of modern PCs via Steam and GOG, now with full 4K support, improved sound design, achievements, and localised into twelve languages.
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