Trackmania Adding a City Monday

Speaking of arcade racers, a post on the Trackmania Website announces a new partnership with Spanish car manufacturer CUPRA to add new content to Trackmania, the arcade car racing game (thanks Frans). Launching Monday, this will add NEO-CUPRA, an in-game city created in collaboration with community content creators. This will include three districts, 12 racetracks, and "non-stop competition." The English-language news about the partnership with a Spanish corporation includes a French trailer just to keep us on our toes. Trackmania has long embraced somewhat complicated hybrid business models, and life in NEO-CUPRA will continue that tradition:
Every two weeks, one of the 12 tracks will be revealed and highlighted as a Track Of The Day. Every CUPRA track will be available for free with the online Track Of The Day server and the 3 Cups Of The Day.

On top of that, paid users will be able to play the CUPRA maps all year long and unlock exclusive CUPRA skins (with the Club access) for their vehicle.

To create this experience and to stay true to our values of innovation and creativity, Trackmania and CUPRA have collaborated with a new generation of creators from the Trackmania community.
It is the creative minds of these talented young people, inspired by CUPRA’s new vision of sportsmanship and Trackmania’s atypical approach, that gave rise to the immersive and intense universe of NEO-CUPRA.