Bungie Wields the Unban Hammer

A new This Week at Bungie Update has the latest from the developer on what's going on. As usual this covers a wide range of topics. The headline is an update from the security team about account bans. It explains that a recent uptick in bans and appeals drew attention to a problem in the cheat detection in Destiny 2. Some of the details are intentionally vague to avoid educating cheaters on how to succeed at gaming the systems in the online shooter sequel. But word is after an investigation, a bunch of bans have been reversed. Here's a bit:
Here are some points to consider when discussing the most recent wave:

  • The number of accounts caught cheating in other ways is much larger than those impacted by the mistake described above. Looking at just this new detection, which itself is a fraction of all security actions that take place, approximately 60 accounts were false positives. This mistake was a result of human error. We worked as quickly as we could to identify and rectify it. We sincerely apologize for the anxiety and uncertainty this caused.
  • Unbans began to occur within 24 hours of the first indication of a problem.
  • Anyone who has appealed against their ban, and subsequently been unbanned, has received a direct response to their appeal indicating that reversal.
  • We have several ways of detecting cheating in Destiny 2, and those unbanned were those affected by the specific error mentioned above. If a player finds themselves banned in the future, they were detected by one of our other methods.