Steam Decks and Docking Stations in Stock

Valve announces that the Docking Station for Steam Deck is now in-stock, and available for purchase with no reservations. There's also the surprise news that not only is the backlog on Steam Deck orders fulfilled, but Steam Decks are now now available for immediate purchase. There's a caveat that supplies are still finite, so if the volume for any particular model gets too heavy, delivery estimates will extend, and potentially even result in temporary reversions to "reservation mode" until production catches up. The same applies to the Docking Station. There's also news that Steam Deck reservations are open in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Last but not least, there are details on the latest software improvements for the portable gaming PC. This video is included to illustrate the news. Here's more on not the Steam Dock:
With 3 USB-A 3.1 Gen1 ports, a USB-C port for power, DisplayPort, HDMI, and a Gigabit Ethernet port, the Docking Station has all the connectivity you'll need. It's the perfect way to connect your Steam Deck to power, up to two external displays, and any number of other peripherals.

If having the official Dock isn't that important to you, you're welcome to use any other USB-C dock or hub. The work we did on SteamOS to make the Docking Station work great with Steam Deck helps improve compatibility with other 3rd party hubs and docks as well.