Vault of the Void Leaves Early Access

Vault of the Void is now officially available for Windows on Steam, following two-year Early Access run that saw the Roguelike CCG garner well over a thousand "very positive" reviews. For the next week, the game carries a 20% launch discount. There's an update on Steam discussing the "One Point Ohh (Full Release!)." This includes a video Development Recap. Here's the deal:
Vault of the Void is built on the idea of providing a low RNG experience, throwing as much control into the players hands as possible. Card Rewards are public knowledge, and you can preview which enemies you'll be fighting before an encounter, with a chance to tailor your deck to suit! No Events are random, you know exactly where you're stepping with each path taken.

You'll build your deck as you go, a CCG experience where you can always modify your deck. Swapping in and out cards before certain encounters will always help improve your odds and allows you to adapt to monster strategies.