Activision Blizzard CCO Steps Down

Frances Townsend has stepped down from her role as Chief Compliance Officer at Activision Blizzard, reports Bloomberg (may require registration or subscription). Townsend came under fire last year for a response that employees characterized as "abhorrent and insulting" to a Blizzard workplace lawsuit. Word is she is now an adviser to the board and Bobby Kotick. The Activision CEO lays on the hype, saying she was doing four jobs, and will be replaced by two people, who will presumably do two jobs each:
“Fran did a truly exceptional job—actually four jobs—with continuously increasing responsibilities and the most exemplary work ethic,” Kotick wrote in an email shared with Bloomberg News. “Fran also has done an extraordinary job enhancing the strong governance and compliance programs we have throughout the Company.”

Jen Brewer, the senior vice president of ethics and compliance, and Luci Altman, the senior vice president of corporate governance, will fill Townsend’s role. Brewer has been with the company for over a decade. The Wall Street Journal reported the move earlier Friday.