The UNDETECTED detector is going off, so UNDETECTED is now available for Windows on the Epic Games Store, GOG.com*, and Steam. This is a new take on classic stealth/action games intended to make your snake solid. Sneak a look at the trailer to see for yourself. Word is you are on the trail of a cell that has apparently splintered off in some manner:
A cell of the revolutionary group who call themselves ‘Los Desplazados’, including their leader Gloria, has gone missing in the Chicxulub Perpetual Energy Station area. Mexican-American ex-CIMACORP Agent ‘Tenoch Kaan’, now a Desplazado himself, is deployed to find Gloria and her team. He is fitted with the latest in biotechnological enhancements. His mission is to find out what happened to the missing Desplazados without alerting CIMACORP of his presence.
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