NeverAwake Dawns

Grab your Ambien and your ammo, as developer Neotro and publisher Phoenixx announce NeverAwake is now available on Steam, offering a twin-stick shooter set in a nightmarish dreamscape. This is also expected to launch on PlayStation and Switch early next year. A playable demo was released during the summer, and this remains available if you want to check it out. Here's the Steam Release Trailer and here are some dreamy details:
Guide Rem, a small girl trapped in an endless sleep, through visions from the darkest corners of her mind. Shimmy between projectile patterns fired by disturbing, hand-drawn representations of Rem’s fears, manifestations of vegetables, dogs, classmates, and more as grotesque creatures.

Overcome fear with ferocious firepower through more than 80 levels demanding fast-paced precision. Shoot back with combinations of twin-stick weaponry paired with accessories and upgrades bought with the souls of defeated enemies. Try to defeat foes on the first loop of each level, with each further loop posing further risk of failure. However, souls earned don’t disappear on death, giving Rem the chance to afford the weaponry she needs to break free.

However, Rem’s freedom won’t come easily, with more than a dozen bosses trying to keep her shackled in eternal slumber. Perform well and discover secrets leading to multiple endings, in this white-knuckle experience bestowed the Vermilion Gate Award (Grand Prize) at Japan’s most prestigious indie game event, BitSummit X-Roads.