Electronic Arts and KOEI TECMO announce WILD HEARTS, a "new kind of hunting game" coming to PC via Origin, Steam, and the Epic Game Store and to consoles on February 17, 2023. Word is this "features ancient technology that gives players a fighting chance." That doesn't sound like the hunting we know, and it turns out that's because it isn't. The game takes you to feudal Japan to track down "giant nature-infused beasts." Said beasies are on display in the Official Reveal Trailer. Here's more:
WILD HEARTS takes place in Azuma, a fantasy landscape inspired by feudal Japan, that is now rampaged by the once peaceful Kemono - altering their environment at the cost of citizens’ lives. The Kemono range from plant-infused squirrels to the massive Kingtusk wild boar. After a dreadful fight with the winter wolf Deathstalker, players become bearers of a life-sustaining technology and are compelled to restore balance across the region.

In WILD HEARTS, players journey through Azuma as a lone wolf or pack-hunt with up to two friends thanks to the game’s co-op and crossplay features across all platforms. Players can expand their battle plans and go on special missions while pack hunting, join other hunters in the world or take on Kemono on their own. The game will feature voice overs in English, Japanese, French, Italian, German and Spanish.