Hearts of Iron IV: By Blood Alone Released

Steam now offers By Blood Alone, a new expansion for Hearts of Iron IV, the World War II strategy sequel for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Word is this adds to the grandness of the grand strategy game that will test the limits of your military tactics and long-term planning. Included are new focus trees for Italy, Ethiopia, and Switzerland, as well as new peace conference options for diplomats. Here's the Release Trailer and here's more:
Paradox Interactive’s best-selling grand strategy wargame Hearts of Iron IV gets even grander and more strategic today with the release of By Blood Alone, a new expansion pack that adds new ways to explore the limits of your military genius and long-term planning.

The centerpieces of By Blood Alone include the much requested aircraft designer, allowing you to build the fighters and bombers of your imagination, and three new national focus trees, carving out room for an even wider range of diverging alternate histories, whether you successfully repel European conquest as Ethiopia or foment a communist revolution in wartime Italy.