Weird West Demo

Celebrating the game's six-month anniversary, developer WolfEye Studios and publisher Devolver Digital now offer a playable demo on Steam for Weird West, the wild-western action/RPG. The content of the sample is highlighted in this trailer. Called The Bounty Hunter Journey, this is the first of five such "journeys" in the game. For those who go on to buy the full version, their progress will carry over. Here are some weird details:
The untamed wilds of Weird West have witnessed many changes since its release back in March. Developer WolfEye has been hard at work over the last six months, gradually evolving and polishing the Weird West experience based on community feedback.

The successive transformative updates include enhanced player progression with fully revamped and rebalanced RPG systems and economy, more diverse secondary locations, loot and encounters, new combat tuning options and balancing - including an alternative aiming system and increased non-lethal options, reworked companion AI, completely overhauled UI that includes a new Posse Reputation tracker and a whole new game mode that added permadeath, higher stakes and bigger consequences.

Now is the ideal time to discover the esoteric adventures of five perfect strangers in their most complete form, and to encourage you to do so, WolfEye is permanently opening the Bounty Hunter Journey (the first of Weird West's five journeys) for free on Steam.