Imperiums: Rome vs Carthage Released

Rome vs Carthage is available for Windows on Steam, offering DLC for Imperiums: Greek Wars, which is required to play. As the title states, this brings new conflicts to Kube Games' historical 4X/grand strategy game. Here's the release trailer and here's word:
Living off their riches, the old empires have grown complacent, their established world order cannot contain the rising ambitions of new powers. Is it foolhardy to challenge the imperial armies backed by overflowing state coffers? Maybe, but glory and fame await those who show no fear.

Choose from 25 playable factions and try different gameplay styles on a huge map with 5000 tiles.
Enjoy an easy start with Carthage, Ptolemaic or Seleucid Empire whose vast kingdoms are supported by functional economies and strong armies. Test your leadership skills as Antigonus, Lysimachus or Hellas, deal with ambitious neighbours and revolts in their own lands. Accept a challenge and play as Etruscans, Romans or Samnites - small states embroiled in decades long wars. Dive into an extra hard game with a battle cry on your lips as the leader of one of the nomadic or semi-nomadic tribes whose very survival is at stake.