Ultima Online Turns 25

Raph's Website has reflections from Raph Koster on the 25th anniversary of the original release of Ultima Online. Raph notes that many people discussing games online were not even born when the MMORPG launched, so he offers a history lesson:
In many ways the influence of UO is so pervasive that it isn’t visible. Whether it’s Runescape, Minecraft, Eve, DayZ or Neopets, those younger folks probably played something that was inspired by UO in some fashion, and don’t realize how big a shift from prior games it represented. These days, when people say they are sick of crafting being in everything — it makes me want to apologize a little bit. Won’t apologize for games that let you sit, decorate a house, or go fishing, though.

I’m running low on specific stories about UO and its development, so instead, I’ll just point back at older ones: