Madden NFL 23 "Pack Strike"

Polygon reports that a "Pack Strike" has been declared by a faction of Madden NFL 23 players, including influential streamers, over the loot boxes in Ultimate Team Mode in the tackle football simulation. The game sells bundles of points that run as high a USD$149.99, and one could hope the objection would be based on that alone. But the conflict here is simply the feeling that loot boxes are not offering enough bang for the buck. So the strike is an effort to prompt EA SPORTS to make the odds on these packs more favorable to those who engage in this form of gambling:
Thousands of Madden NFL 23 Ultimate Team players have declared a “Pack Strike” on social media. The game’s biggest influencers say they’re forgoing buying premium currency for the game’s microtransaction mode until changes are made to the odds on drawing desirable items from Ultimate Team’s loot boxes, as well as Madden’s gameplay overall.

The hashtag #PACKSTRIKE got going on Tuesday with the following tweet from Madden influencer Zirksee. They say Madden Ultimate Team gamblers aren’t getting reasonable value out of the game’s more expensive bundles, or by “re-rolling” cards, where players toss the less desirable items they draw and try to get a better card.