KAKU: Ancient Seal Announced

Chinese developer BINGOBELL announces KAKU: Ancient Seal, an open-world action/adventure coming to PC and PlayStation next year. This fantasy-themed game will put the player on "a mysterious continent full of strange creatures, ancient ruins, and unique tribes." Here's the World Premiere Trailer with a look, and the game's Steam Listing is online. Here are some details:
KAKU: Ancient Seal puts players in the role of a young primitive child, Kaku, who’s tasked with going on a journey across a sprawling continent. Accompanied by your pet pig, you’ll have to brave the four elemental regions - Flaming Mountain, Dragon Bone Desert, Misty Swamp, and Windy Snow Field - and conquer their lords if you’re to fulfill your destiny. Most importantly, you’ll have to find food, since your pig pal isn’t for eating.

It will take guts, whits, and skill to unearth the mysteries that lie deep within the ancient ruins of this land. Gather your own weapons, from wood, stone, and metal swords and shields to slingshots and other ranged weaponry. Gain access to multiple costumes and acquire new abilities by defeating bosses and completing quests. Maybe you’ll even make some new friends along the way!