Solium Infernum Remake Announced

League of Geeks announces Solium Infernum is coming next year to Steam, offering a turn-based strategy game set in hell. This is a remake of a strategy game also named Solium Infernum that came out back in 2009. Word is this will be "a re-imagined vision of Vic Davis’ cult-classic game of politics, intrigue, and betrayal." The Solium Infernum Website is online, and has a Cinematic Reveal Trailer. Here's more:
In this brand new title players will be able to go deep into a reimagined version of 2009’s Solium Infernum, complete with all-new single-player scenarios and asynchronous multiplayer matches that will require cunning moves and political wit to outplay their opponents. The game will be modernized and built in 3D with a totally updated visual interface to bring it in line with League of Geek’s unique and acclaimed aesthetic and production values.

In Solium Infernum, all participants take turns simultaneously; with each player only able to see their enemies’ schemes unfold after making their own choices. The game will offer a full range of experiences, from 2-4 hour single-player campaigns to epic, weeklong six-player multiplayer matches that require only a few minutes to play a day.