Gloomhaven Solo Scenarios Pack: Mercenary Challenges Released

Solo Scenarios Pack: Mercenary Challenges is now available for Windows and macOS on the Epic Games Store,*, and Steam. This new DLC adds 17 new scenarios to Gloomhaven, the tactical/RPG from developer Flaming Fowl Studios and publisher Twin Sails Interactive. Read on for details to help you decide if you are up to the challenge:
The Solo Scenarios offer an even more brutal challenge than the base game for seasoned players, as they are designed to be completed by only one specific mercenary. Both rewards and scenarios were intricately designed to the strengths and weaknesses of the chosen mercenary and will give players 20 hours of additional content. In order to access these exciting scenarios, a mercenary will have to reach level 5 in the Story campaign. Once the scenario will be complete, the mercenary will be rewarded with a unique item that only they can use. The rewards will also be available in the Guildmaster mode and players will have to complete the 2nd story mission in order to access them.
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