No Place for Bravery Released

Calling all cowards! No Place for Bravery is now available for Windows on Steam. This action/RPG is said to be inspired by Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, though it features 2D graphics played from a top-down perspective. The animated Launch Trailer does not include any gameplay, but the Extended Trailer has this covered. Developer Glitch Factory and publisher Ysbryd Games offer provide the following details:
A calamitous battle between almighty giants and dragons devastated the world of Dewr countless generations ago, and warring factions have arisen amidst the world’s ashes. Thorn, a former soldier, spends his days contemplating the scars and corpses piled up in his past. But when word of his long-lost daughter cuts through the voices he cannot silence, Thorn sets out on a vengeful quest to find her, convinced his blade is the answer.

Embark on a mythic journey across Dewr, a blood-soaked land of roving bandits and ruinous beauty. Deadly archers, nimble warriors, and colossal bosses stand in Thorn’s away, and a single mistimed move can spell doom. Master demanding yet rewarding stamina-based combat where decisive action can overcome Thorn’s fragile humanity. Make pixel-perfect dodges, split-second parries, and targeted strikes to satisfy Thorn’s bid for redemption.

Discover new instruments of war with weapons and items scattered across Dewr’s hand-crafted, pixel-art landscape. Survive combat arenas carved into the corpses of decaying titans. Emerge from sprawling deserts to lush grasslands where reed stalks jut forth like gravestones. Feel the weight of Thorn’s dilemmas and make dialogue choices to further stoke his blade of vengeance or bring his emotional odyssey to a very different conclusion.