Rift Loopers Early Access

Early Access to Rift Loopers is now underway on Steam, offering Windows gamers a twin-stick shooter with Roguelike elements. The recent Announcement Trailer shows how this will let you go all Starship Troopers on an invading insect horde. There's no word on when Early Access will end, presumably this depends on how many bugs are discovered. Here's word:
Rift Loopers is a twin stick shooter survival game with rogue like elements, where you will survive as long as possible against the mysterious alien insectoid race.

Fight your way through worlds lost to the insectoids on your mission to collect the resource needed for dimensional travel, the reality crystals. Dead or alive, your crystals will be returned to your dimension to be used to unlock additional weapons, characters and enhancements for your future loops.

As you mow down your foes you will level up, allow you to upgrade existing abilities or add new ones to combat the increasing power and intensity of enemy waves. Combine your active abilities with the right passive to unlock their true potential!