SuperPower 3 Next Month

THQ Nordic announces your chance to conquer the world arrives on October 7th with the launch of SuperPower 3. This geopolitical simulator is truly global, allowing you to lead any of 194 nations. A new Explanation Trailer digs into the political implications of your actions, outlining the sort of cause and effect your decisions will have. Here's more on the game and the new video:
Admit it - when it comes to politics, you've thought at least once, "Oh, I could do better than our actual leaders!". Well, from October 7th, you can prove it in SuperPower 3, an upcoming geopolitical simulation game. In SuperPower 3, you can take control of countries in pre-made scenarios, for example re-establishing the British Empire, or decide the fate of one of 194 nations in the sandbox mode.

Today's gameplay trailer highlights one of the most important aspects of the game: Politics. Your decisions have a strong impact on your country, on your citizens, and on how other states regard your nation. Many factors are interconnected; an economic treaty can have a huge effect on the people in your country and how happy they are with your rule, and changing laws might anger other nations, creating new rivals...