EA Launching Kernel-Level Anti-Cheat

Electronic Arts offers "A Deep Dive on EA AntiCheat for PC." This announces that EA is launching its own kernel-level anti-cheat/anti-tamper solution as part of the launch of FIFA 23 this (northern) autumn. This approach can be effective at enhancing security, but the fight fire with fire approach leaves many gamers uncomfortable, since such drivers are so intrusive. EA explains that creating its own in-house approach has a number of advantage over third-party solutions. Here's the plan:
EAAC is a kernel-mode anti-cheat and anti-tamper solution developed in-house at Electronic Arts. PC cheat developers have increasingly moved into the kernel, so we need to have kernel-mode protections to ensure fair play and tackle PC cheat developers on an even playing field.

As tech-inclined video gamers ourselves, it is important to us to make sure that any kernel anti-cheat included in our games acts with a strong focus on the privacy and security of our gamers that use a PC.

Third party anti-cheat solutions are often opaque to our teams, and prevent us from implementing additional privacy controls or customizations that provide greater accuracy and granularity for EA-specific game modes. With EAAC we have full stack ownership of the security & privacy posture, so we can fix security issues as soon as they may arise.