RPG Time: The Legend of Wright Released

RPG Time: The Legend of Wright is now available for Windows on Steam, offering a "handmade notebook" RPG that's also available for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Switch, and PlayStation 4. That unusual description makes more sense after watching the previously released Announcement Trailer (way too perky narrator warning). Here's the wright stuff:
RPG Time: The Legend of Wright, which retails for $29.99 USD, features a unique, hand-drawn art style that replicates aspiring game creator Kenta doodling his own imaginatively nostalgic RPG adventure in a physical notebook, aptly titled “The Legend of Wright.” While the game's title contains the term "RPG," players will be able to experience mini-gameplay from a variety of different genres inside a world made from cardboard and stationery strewn across a desk, including action, adventure, side-scrolling shooters and command battle games.

Over the course of its 10 years of development and 16 years of conception, RPG Time: The Legend of Wright’s uniquely creative presentation and imaginative vision has earned the two-person DeskWorks team awards and recognition at numerous trade shows around the world, including Tokyo Game Show, Taipei Game Show, BitSummit and IndieCade.