Isonzo Released

Isonzo is now available for PC and consoles, offering a new World War I shooter from the team behind Verdun and Tannenberg. This comes just a day after the news that the project has changed hands. It's available for Windows and Linux on Steam, here's the Launch Trailer with a look. Here's what has to happen before Johnnie comes marching home again:
The WW1 Game Series seeks to bring the Great War closer than ever before, and after prequels Verdun and Tannenberg, it is now Isonzo’s turn to take the stage. Starting today, the Italian and Austro-Hungarian armies will clash in Isonzo river valleys and the Alps of the Southern Front.

The 'Offensive' game mode is a carefully refined experience that allows players to witness first hand the high-altitude battles of the Italian Front and reenact key historical moments. Authenticity and historical accuracy are the staples of the WW1 Game Series, and Isonzo takes the series to a new height.