Sniper Elite 5 DLC and Free Map

A new Concealed Target Weapon and Skin Pack is now available for Sniper Elite 5, the World War II sharpshooting sequel. It's out on PC and consoles, and the Windows edition is on Steam. This adds new outfits for your enemies to Nazi you wearing along with a new covert pistol. Here's a trailer showing off the new content. Speaking of which, alongside the DLC comes a new survival map that's free for all players of the game. Here are the details:
Rebellion, one of the world’s most successful independent video game developers and publishers, has today released a free Survival Map for Sniper Elite 5, as well as the latest batch of Season Pass One content. Titled ‘Amongst the Rubble,' the new Survival Map is available free to all players as part of the latest title update while the new Concealed Target pack, which features a new pistol as well as character and weapon skins, is available as part of Season Pass One or as an individual purchase.

Playable in both solo and co-op, ‘Amongst the Rubble’ takes you back to the once beautiful city of Saint Nazaire. Now ravaged by war, it’s down to you and your teammates to defend the Command Post as you fight a seemingly never-ending stream of Nazis in the smoke-filled streets and ruins.

The Concealed Target Weapon and Skin pack will take your stealth to the next level as you hunt down your enemies from the shadows.