Dying Light 2 Stay Human Chapter 2

A Huntress and a Hag is now available as a free content update for Dying Light 2 Stay Human for PC and consoles. This is the second chapter for the zombie-infested action/RPG. Word is: "Chapters are an essential part of Techland's post-launch support plan for Dying Light 2 Stay Human. Chapters feature non-time-limited content that can be played and completed at the player's leisure, and they will be entirely free across all platforms." The UPDATE 1.6.0 Patch Notes have all the details. The new content ties-in with an event that's now underway. Here's a trailer with a slightly animated cinematic and some gameplay. Here's word:
Track and hunt your prey with the Huntress and help put down once and for all the unimaginable horror that is the Hag and her legion of Plaguebearers. The Hag is a very dangerous creature and the ultimate challenge for any hunter. However, amazing new ranged weapons await for those brave enough to pursue.

New Chapter Agent — Meet Shen Xiu AKA The Huntress—the newest Chapter Agent and a very talented tracker. The mysterious bow containers littered throughout the City used to belong to her, as she is an expert in ranged weapons. Moreover, she represents the Hunters, a faction as mysterious as the Pilgrims themselves. These highly talented warriors hunt the most dangerous Infected. The chase for Shen Xiu's latest prey led her all the way to the City.